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Jim, I am still feeling great!  I haven't had any more migraines since I last emailed you.  I have given up everything on my trigger list to the best of my ability and it has made a huge difference.  Thank you!!!
Jill B.

I just wanted to give you a quick follow-up on my migraine situation.  After removing all apples from my diet, I have been completely migraine free!  I do get small headaches, but nothing at the migraine level. Thank you for testing me and letting me know what my triggers might be. While I love apples, ginger, lemons and limes, I love not having migraines even more!
Allison R.

As you know I wasnt sure if my headaches were actual migraines. What I did know was that I got pounding headaches at least 3-5 times a week. After being tested (some of my triggers included chocolate and coffee) and treated, Ive only had 2 very minor headaches in the last three months! And, even more exciting, I no longer take my daily dose of Verapamil a pill that was prescribed by my primary physician to help my headaches. Thank you, I feel great!
Alisa B.

I just want to let you know how much you changed my life when you figured out why Ive had migraines. There was no doctor in the world that would have ever determined that lettuce and pork gave me migraines. I was depressed all the time and had no quality life until you tested and balanced me. I am a new person and my wife, children, and I are so thankful that you have figured this out and that you are helping others. Thank you again.
Bob K.