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The work we do at the Migraine Elimination Centers is very exciting! After years of research and comprehensive studies, we are offering a non-invasive solution that targets the source of your migraine and easily corrects the problem. Through a state-of-the art computer program, which is coupled with laser technology, we simply train your body to no longer react inappropriately to the foods that have been identified as your migraine triggers. The results are truly astounding. Every single person weve treated is now migraine free.

Its Pain-Free and Non-Invasive
Heres How it Works...

Using the innovative BAX-3000 system, digital signals are transmitted to your body. As this is happening, the computer is monitoring your bodys reaction (through bio-feedback) and is identifying the different allergens (food items) to which your body is responding (these are your migraine triggers). At the conclusion of the test (which takes about 15-20 minutes), you will receive a list of these food items so you know what to avoid.

While many of our clients simply choose to avoid these items, others arent so willing to give them up. For these people, we offer the following treatment.

Once the allergens (migraine triggers) are identified, a laser is loaded with the allergens' digital signal, and used to stimulate acupuncture points and meridians on the body (including areas on the spine and specific points on the hands and feet). The nervous system then becomes desensitized to these triggers and no longer perceives the allergen as harmful.  The allergic reaction is eliminated and the migraines are gone! People of all ages have been successfully treated with this method (including young children). The treatment takes a matter of minutes!
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