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Migraine Myths & Facts

When it comes to migraines, its important to separate fact from fiction. The following information should help set the record straight.

Myth: Recurrent headaches are a sign that you have psychological problems.
Fact: Migraine is a result of biochemical changes in the brain.

Myth: A particular type of person tends to get migraine headaches.
Fact: Researchers who have studied the personality make-ups have found no evidence of a migraine personality.

Myth: You bring your migraine on yourself. Its all in your head.
Fact: Migraine is a genuine medical disorder, as real as heart disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes.

Myth: There isnt much you can do about migraines; you just have to learn to live with it.
Fact: This myth keeps far too many people from getting effective treatment.

Myth: Migraine must be a sign of something terribly wrong.
Fact: All of the symptoms are temporary response to a biochemical imbalance

Myth: Sinus trouble causes migraine
Fact: If you do have both allergies and migraine, your allergy treatment will not necessarily help your headaches.

Migraine Myths Myth: Migraine is an adult illness.
Fact: Between 7 and 18 percent of children, both boys and girls, experience migraines.

Myth: Migraines are caused by stress.
Fact: Stress does not cause migraines. Any amount of stress in a person who does not have a susceptibility to migraine will not produce a migraine.

Myth: Migraine is a womans disease.
Fact: Migraine is two to three times more common in women than men.

Myth: Migraine is just a symptom of PMS.
Fact: Even when a womans symptoms are closely timed to her menstrual cycle, migraine is not one the symptoms of PMS.

Myth: Migraine people must be overly sensitive to pain
Fact: There is no specific evidence to show that people with migraine are more sensitive than other people.

Myth: Migraines must be a sign of intelligence because so many famous people have it.
Fact: Studies have shown it strikes educated and uneducated with about equal frequency.

Myth: Heredity has nothing to do with migraine headaches.
Fact: In clinical studies at least 60 percent of migraine sufferers report having close relatives with the same problem. Of that group more than half had a mother with migraine; 17 percent, a father; 17 percent, a sister; and 12 percent a brother.