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Q: What is a migraine headache?
A: A migraine headache is a symptom. Its like a toothache or the pain you may feel from having a rock in your shoe. A symptom is the nervous systems attempt to get your attention and let you know that you need to do something. A symptom is like the red light on the dashboard of your car. The red light is a warning to let you know that you need to do something to correct the problem.

Q: How do you treat migraine headaches at the Migraine Elimination Center?
A: First and foremost, we do not treat migraine headaches. As mentioned previously, a migraine is a symptom and it is trying to tell you something. You would not tape an aspirin over the red light on your dash, and we would never try to hide your pain or give you medication to help you live with it. The answer is to find out exactly what the symptom is trying to tell you!

Q: So if a migraine is only a symptom, what is it trying to tell me?
A: The nervous system is trying to tell you to avoid something in your diet that is causing your migraine. Like a hangover letting you know that you should not have consumed a large quantity of alcohol the night before, the migraine symptom may also be telling you that you need to remove something from your system.

Q: Why dont I know what my body is trying to tell me?
A: You dont know what your body is trying to tell you, because it is a delayed onset reaction. The migraine is an inappropriate response to a normal substance in your environment. The migraine symptom can occur up to three days after you were exposed to the substance. The trigger can be anything in your environment, but it is usually something you eat, drink, breathe, or rub on your skin.

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