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The Migraine Elimination Centers were founded by native Chicagoan, Jim Pielet. Like you, Jim suffered for years with migraine headaches. Like many of you, Jim’s pain was so severe that he had difficulty functioning when the migraines escalated, as they often did. Visits with doctors didn’t help. Prescription medication didn’t help (he tried many!) Neither did hypnosis, acupuncture or eliminating foods thought to trigger headaches (such as chocolate, caffeine and dairy products).

It was his determination to live migraine free that brought him to a chiropractor in Florida (Dr. G.R.
Douglas) who was studying people with severe migraines. What Dr. Douglas discovered (and the process he used to help Jim) is the core of the Migraine Elimination Centers innovative treatments.

Contrary to popular belief, migraines are a disease of the nervous system (not the blood) and are directly caused by something you eat, smell, touch, or rub on your skin. It is your nervous system’s inappropriate response (or intolerance) to particular foods that trigger the migraine. And no two people’s “triggers” are exactly alike.

With this information and studies on thousands of migraine sufferers throughout the world to support his findings, Dr. Douglas retired from chiropractic in 2001. Instead, he chose to devote his time to developing the computer and laser technology that would not only test people to identify their food intolerances, but would also balance the body’s nervous system, so it would no longer react inappropriately to food triggers (using the laser). The result of Dr. Douglas efforts, the FDA cleared the BAX-3000 Technologies.

Ever since Jim first met Dr. Douglas (and found relief for his migraines), they have remained in close contact. When Dr. Douglas announced the introduction of the BAX-3000, Jim wanted to become involved so he could help others the way that Dr. Douglas helped him. With the opening of the Migraine Elimination Centers in 2009, Jim is doing just that. He is one of the few in the entire country treating migraines with the BAX-3000 technology, and is the only one doing so in the Chicago geographical area.

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