Hardwood Floor Maintenance? Here’s the Amazing Fact 

Did you know that maintaining your hardwood floor isn’t that difficult and delicate just like many others claim it to be? And as a matter of fact, just a little bit care and planning for your hardwood floor can go a long way. 

Hardwood Floor Maintenance 

Most of the time you would think that the products that are designed to be used in cleaning the hardwood floors are made for wood, however, they are in fact formulated for the maintenance and care of its protective polyurethane finish on your hardwood floor. The reason why your hardwood floor needs to have a protective coating is for it to last and protect your hardwood floors against getting dented, scratched and it gets gouged pretty easily. But you also need to be careful and smart in choosing which products to buy for the reason that not all of the products that claim they are used for wood are really suitable for hardwood floors. 

If you are having issue with the maintenance of your hardwood floor you can always seek assistance from the professional and expert there are multiple of best options out there, just search for hardwood repair near me, aside from doing the job for you they can as well give you insights and advices about the proper care and maintenance of your hardwood floor. Like some well-known floor products claim to add shine to your precious floor but actually cause amass of waxy acrylic that will eventually cloud the finish as well as leave behind a visible sticky residue that is quite difficult to remove later on. If you are in doubt as to what you are going to use or apply to your floor, you better check with it with the manufacturer of the pre-finished flooring, but definitely you can seek help or advice from hardwood restoration Indianapolis, they are the expert and can surely provide you all the information you need. 

One of the important things you need to remember as well is that wood and water are not a good mix. So, it only means when wood is too exposed to too much water and as well as too high in humidity will make the wood to swell, buckling and cracking at the same time boards can show cupping so in this case wet mopping is definitely not recommended likewise with the damp mopping it won’t help at all. In addition, if you will see advertisement showing that steam cleaners can be used on hardwood, skip it or totally ignore it as it could cause a real damage on your hardwood flooring. So basically, only use the products that are designed particularly for hardwood floor cleaning and you must follow the directions carefully.  

Above all, in order to maintain your floor finish, sweep too often is the best advice. This will help a lot in preserving your floor. Imagine when people walk over grit and dirt on the floor and their shoes soles scrape it on the finish and literally scratching it. This only means the less the dirt you have on the floor, the better.